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If you or a loved one has been caught in the criminal justice system in the Harrisburg area, whether on criminal charges or for driving under the influence, the quality and dedication of your defense lawyer is critical. Our founding attorney, David Hoover, is an aggressive, committed and talented defender. He can assist you in fighting your charges in order that you may avoid the consequences of a conviction. As a gifted communicator, he can clearly lay out practical plans that both his clients and the jury will be able to understand.

Individuals who may feel confused and scared about their accusations can rest easy when they allow our firm to handle their criminal charges as we are an accredited firm by the Better Business Bureau. This not only means that we have passed basic criteria relating to how well we perform as a business, it reveals that we operate on good faith principles when handling clients.

We are also members of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL) which is an organized community of legal professionals that remains actively engaged in defending criminal cases. Treating each case with respect and compassion, we have the aggressive tactics needed to guide you through this potentially stressful time.

How We Can Help: Criminal Defense

The firm provides legal counsel in various areas of criminal defense including misdemeanor and felony charges of all types. We can prepare appropriate cases for drug offenses such as possession, cultivation, trafficking, and manufacturing. Violent crimes such as assaults must be skillfully defended, as your future - both personally and professionally, can be forever damaged by a conviction.

Attorney Hoover also represents those who are facing criminal accusations in weapons offenses and sex crimes. Whether you are charged in a state court or it is considered a federal offense, internet crimes such as child pornography, fraud or other financial crimes are treated without lenience. Make sure that your rights are protected, as the court will not treat your case lightly.

Assisting with expungements for those that want to clear their criminal record of an earlier arrest or conviction, Attorney Hoover is more than capable. If your child has been arrested and accused of juvenile crimes, you want to have confidence that their rights and hopes for the future are protected. We can provide the committed legal representation needed to protect young people from severe penalties. Utilizing creative tactics and solid defense strategies, we can help with theft crimes, including burglary, robbery, shoplifting, grand theft, petty theft and others.

Highly Experienced in DUI Defense

Attorney Hoover has received specialized training in the area of DUI defense and has accumulated over 100 hours of instruction in just the past three years. Receiving specific guidance on certain tactics from some of the best DUI defense lawyers in the country, he can apply relevant information that he acquired when creating a solid defense for drunk driving cases. Utilizing his resources, he often calls on some of the most respected scientists to contest evidence that government forensics have come up with. He has been extremely successful in past cases and aims to represent well those accused of driving while intoxicated with alcohol or controlled substances.

The firm provides high quality legal counsel, assisting with all driver's licensing issues such as getting your license restored and challenging a suspension or revocation. Serious felony offenses such as aggravated assault by vehicle or vehicular manslaughter demand immediate involvement by the firm. When defense actions are taken early in these cases, you could improve the potential of avoiding the penalties, reducing charges or other options that are in your favor. Even a first time DUI conviction will heavily impact your life and may result in costly fines, community service, potential jail time and the loss of your legal right to operate your vehicle for a period of time.

Why Choose Our Firm

Amidst the confusion and frightening times surrounding a criminal defense case, allow The Hoover Firm to be a place you can rely on. With a level of dedication to his clients, Attorney David Hoover performs thorough investigations, compiling all necessary evidence to deliver solid case results. He understands the severity of the situation and will do all he can on your behalf.

Offering a free case evaluation, his desire is that his services would be available to those when they need it most. Diligent and skilled in all areas of criminal defense, specifically DUI cases, he is knowledgeable on Pennsylvania State laws and is familiar with the courtroom. Do not leave your charges in the hands of someone who will not pursue fair treatment, but obtain a confident Harrisburg criminal defense lawyer that can protect your rights. Please contact our firm for immediate legal assistance with your any of your criminal case needs.

In addition to Harrisburg, the firm is also proud to represent the residents of Carlisle, Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading and York.

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